Human/Computer Interface and Interactions Help

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June 6, 2019

Human/Computer Interface and Interactions Help

After delivering the concepts behind the application, system, and user interface requirement process, the government representative in charge of HCI now wants to know what user interface techniques you will be using during development and design. First, you meet with your entire design team to discuss the different possibilities for the design.

Explain the following to the government representative:

  • The top 3 user interface techniques you recommend using during development and design of this terrorist suspect UI (e.g., consistency, designing within standards, user interface navigation, controls, forms, messages and labels, icons, colors, aligning fields, screens, and grouping)
  • The fundamentals you plan to use for the terrorist suspect UI design (e.g., structure, simplicity, visibility, tolerance, reuse principles)
  • How the fundamentals you want to use will improve the quality of the UI design

Thank you in advance! It just needs to be 3-4 paragraphs WITH references to research. NO WIKIPEDIA!


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