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June 6, 2019


group project my part is on middle east portion $15


Managing globally has significant differences than managing locally, however leaders in multinational organizations must do both simultaneously and do it within the laws of each nation. You have taken on a client that is expanding into new international areas, doing business in Asia, the Middle East and potentially in South America. Each country has its own set of laws and the cultures are vastly different. You want to help them in preparing to work internationally.


Individual Portion 3 – 5 slides with speaker notes of 200 – 250 words per slide (excluding Title and Reference slides) (60 pts.):

Prepare a draft presentation that addressing the following:

  1. Considerations an American based organization needs to take into account when working in multiple nations with vastly different employment laws.
  2. What current issues in these global locations may affect the success of an American based organization?
  3. In working in vastly different environments, how can the leaders of the organization keep current on the changes that the presence of the organization will bring to each location?

Please add your file.

Group Portion 5 – 7 slides with speaker notes of 200 – 250 words per slide (excluding Title and Reference slides) (65 pts.) :

Review your team members’ presentations and develop a cohesive single response.


Please add your file.

For assistance with your assignment, please use your text, Web resources, and all course materials.

Unit Materials

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Re:According to the Live Chat

I listened to the live chat from Monday. It started around 25 minutes and somewhere around 35 minutes she talks about the DB and the Group. She says we need to divide this up by the area. I knew there was something about I was missing. It was not a company we needed to investigate. It is the expansion into the other areas. WE are to look into Asia, Middle East, and South America. WE are to answer the questions, do a 5 slide powerpoint, and submit it to the DB and the individual submission area. We are to have a leader to put the information from our submissions together into a cohesive PowerPoint. She said we can also have someone do the introduction and conclusion.  If any had any questions –  listen to what Chappell says in the Live Chat.

Everyone needs to get their PP submitted to the DB by Noon CT, Friday.

Since we all have to do the questions how about this?

Brittney said she would put this together. Answer your questions about Asia, I will take Middle East, Mafi Kaauamo will do South America, Quincellar Manuel will do South America, Annet Otto Ferary will do Middle East and Lisa Jimenez will do Asia.

Trade with someone if you want to but communicate it here on the DB. 

Here is my phone – call me at any time 404-545-3863.

If someone wants to do the introduction and/or the conclusion Please submit it here too. 

We all need to be on the same page. So let’s get this together and have it ready for Brittney to put together. I suggest once Brittney has it put together, she submits it here – for proofing, we review and advise approval or suggest changes. This needs to be ready for submission Sunday evening. Not sure Germany time against Central time. But we don’t want Brittney up all night.

Later group 2 members.




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