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June 6, 2019

to kim wood

1. What is critical thinking? In this paragraph be sure to discuss

The purpose and importance of critical thinking

The cognitive skills necessary for critical thinking

The dispositions (or attitudes) necessary for critical thinking

Hint: Refer to the Facione article, Critical Thinking: What it is and Why it Counts, and Chapter 1 in the ARQ text

2. What is critical reading? In this paragraph be sure to discuss:

College/adult level reading (Chall’s Stage 5 Reading)

Outcomes of stage 5 reading (How are these related to critical thinking skills and dispositions?)

Hint: Refer to the What is College Reading? presentation.

3. What is critical action? In this paragraph be sure to discuss:

Implementation of critical thinking and reading skills

Criteria used to determine if /what action is appropriate (reliability of information)

Social transformation through critical action

Hint: Reflect on how critical thinking and reading skills can be helpful in advocating for a position and taking action for positive change.


article: critical thinking what it is and why it counts



the presentation: What is college reading


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