Work Now Tempo to Full Time

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April 26, 2022
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April 26, 2022

Work Now Tempo to Full Time

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The owner of Work Now, a nonprofit job referral agency, has asked a few of his employees (you and your fellow group members) for help and recommendations. In the current economy employers seeking to fill professional positions are reluctant to hire applicants direct to full-time. Instead they prefer to hire though temporary agencies (like yours) so they can evaluate employees and be selective about which one(s) to hire full time. This is called temp-to-fulltime.

Because this is the largest trend in temporary hiring (temp-to-fulltime) Work Now wants to not only understand this process (so they can help their clients) but also identify other methods by which applicants can find fulltime employment.   The goal is to increase the number of fulltime hires from individuals who have contracted for Work Now’s services (both prospective applicants and employers).

You must do analysis,and come to a consensus to prepare a report (paper) that addresses the following:

Part 1: Complete research on temp-to-fulltime and prepare a written statement (3-4 paragraphs) that Work Now can give to applicants so they can better understand this trend.

Part 2: Aside from temp-to-full time the group must identify and discuss 3-4 methods that job hunters can use to find fulltime employment.   Include specifics defining each method and explaining what the job applicant needs to accomplish in order to be successful using each.

Part 3: Make recommendations to the owner of Work Now identifying how the information in Part 1 & Part 2 can be distributed to applicants in a format that is easy to understand. Make sure you explain “why” this methodology is the best for both Work Now and for the job seeker. 


You must do analysis,and come to a consensus to prepare a report (paper) that addresses Parts 1-3. 

The completed report should be in a 5 page Word document that properly cites sources using APA format, and end with a reference page.


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